Monday, October 3, 2011

gloATL performs "Livers" at Flux 2011

Do you understand the title? If you do, you were probably there. If you don't, then follow gloATL and Flux Projects on Facebook, @gloATL and @FluxProjects on Twitter.

Flux 2011: night of art + experimentation September 30, 2011 8 pm to midnight castleberry hill arts district (pictured below D'AIR Aerial Dance Theatre at Flux)


gloATL: a collaborative platform of exceptional contemporary physical performance. gloATL’s mission is to create exceptional contemporary dance through live performance, public works, and a choreographic LAB


"Livers": A contemporary physical performance...Sonic Gestural Kinesthetic Being Together “We are all Livers.” Guy Debord...


"Livers" was one of 34+ happenings on Friday night. Livers alone was too much to take in. Flux was overwhelming.

I'm afraid my little camera could only manage a blur, a poor substitute for being there.

A dancer waited alone in the fog between two buildings, a stage of wood chips.


Meanwhile, the company gathered on the Peter's Street railroad bridge.

P1000682-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street

They bolted and stopped unpredictably in their lumpy leotards. Did they notify the Ministry of Silly Walks?

P1000682-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street-detail

They knew where they were going but we didn't.

P1000684-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street

They stopped to twist and shimmy to shake and wave. The man pushed the music in a grocery cart.

P1000685-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street-Twisting

Look at the faces in the crowd. Most were seeing the dancers for the first time. "What is going on?" They moved fast. They turned right on Fair Street. I had to run to keep up.

P1000691-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street-Turning-to-Fair-Street-faces

When we'd stop to grok, shapes would slink by.


The crowd was thick as the company raced north on Walker. I could barely keep up with the gloATL piggy-backers making their way though the crowd.

The company arrived.


I'm at a loss: It was a mystery. It was mesmerizing, unpredictable.

Not everybody enjoyed that sort of thing.

I was happy to lose myself for a little while.


The crowd was part of the performance. For most gloATL performances, there isn't a specific place for the audience.




There were several pas-de-deux's.


There was some fun. I called this the turtle-back.


gloAtl leader and "dancemaker"Lauri Stallings looked on.


It wasn't all smooth ballet moves.

The troop climbed out though the balcony...


...leaving a pair alone in the fog.

It was magic for a while, disorienting, mesmerizing, memorable. There will only be 2 performance of Livers. This was the first. The 2nd began an hour later.

They needed a rest but the rest was part of the performance too.

And it didn't break the spell.


Now do you understand the title? I don't think I've explained a thing.

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