Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Fish Abides - a Buckhead Cruise

Morningside to Oglethorpe to Brookhaven to Buckhead to Midtown today.

The only monumental sculpture in Atlanta is oblivious to the abandoned cranes over the Streets of Buckhead. Mega-developments come and go. The fish abides at the Atlanta Fish Market.

I started my errands in Morningside / Lenox Park where folks are fluffing this polychrome roofed beauty. The sun was just right this morning. Get over there soon, it will be in the shade for the next 8 months. See how deep the windows look in the stone?

Tile, stone, shingle, columns, craftsman windows, dormers, balanced but asymmetrical, a curvy drive, close to Crook and Shutze houses, this one is so worthy.

The corner of Peachtree at Piedmont is the heart of Buckhead. Not a nice vista though. Skyscrapers are impressive but rarely lovable. The straight, down-sloping Piedmont Road to the south just can't be pretty. At least Peachtree curves.

I always look for Peachtree Road UMC. It struggles mightily to improve the view for those of us stuck in traffic.

It's a huge place broken into handsome digestible parts.

I took a jag down Shadowlawn to see if Jackson Fine Art looked open. Well, I didn't have time and the Fish called. I took another jag down N Fulton.

This is a teardown. I couldn't get a picture of the side, it goes deep on the lot. That's what caught my eye initially. It rocks. Who did it? Business or home?

A Buckhead lesson for Non-Atlantans: Peachtree Road - commercial. North and west of Peachtree - home of the gentry and beautiful homes. South of Peachtree - former bungalow neighborhood trending commercial and funky.

This bungalow is next door to the teardown above. It's now a hair salon with a wonderful red door. Would you guess that it's few blocks from high-rise luxury?

I headed south on Peachtree to Collier Road. There are a handful of beautiful pre-depression apartments across the street from Piedmont Hospital.

It was a nice place for a party after the Shutze Awards, a nice place for anything except a big family. Thanks Jonathan.

In broad daylight, you can see that this is what modern traditional apartments hope to look like. Imagine the light in those sunrooms.

I headed south again to the bank at Peachtree Circle. I checked parking at Rhodes Hall for Clay Rokicki's "J. Neel Reid Prize Lecture" tonight.

Look, they are working on The Temple.

I hope everything is OK up there.

See you at Rhodes Hall Tonight.


  1. Seems like you had a very busy day!!! you featured both my favorite fish and my church! Have fun tonight!

  2. Any excuse to go to Rhodes Hall is a great excuse...have fun and hope to hear about how it goes.

  3. I believe the tear down is a gym and office combo for someone who lives in Garden Hills.


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