Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peachtree Christian Church tour for Phoenix Flies

I toured the Peachtree Christian Church during Phoenix Flies. It's noteworthy for stained glass windows and it's prominent location at Peachtree and Spring Streets. A wedding party is familiar sight at the door.

Whatever you've heard, you won't be disappointed. How about that ceiling?

You don't usually see this view. There is a whole building complex below street level. The architect was Charles H. Hopson who I think did the charming Rock Springs Presbyterian Church across from Fat Matt's. I hope to learn more about Mr. Hopson.

P1080269-2011-03-07-Phoenix-Flies-Peachtree-Christian-Church Architect John Busby speaking
Architect and church member John Busby led our tour. Mr. Busby expertly and gently introduced us to this overwhelming space.

It as if the stained glass windows have stained glass windows.

P1080276-2011-03-07-Phoenix-Flies-Peachtree-Christian-Church-Georgia-White-Marble Architect John Busby speaking
But as extraordinary as the the window are, they just play their part in the composition.



Most windows revealed personal stories in addition to biblical ones. Here is a portrait in loving memory of a young girl.

The alter is made from Georgia white marble. I don't know if it's still available. It seem almost translucent, like a cloud.


I'll leave it at that. Visit when you can.

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  1. The design is interesting in its gothic verticality and open interior volume to showcase the big art glass windows.


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