Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Monday Tour with Tips

Here are some sights from today's errands. Three churches and two houses caught my eye.

Tips: Take your camera, don't worry too much about the words, look, and if you are driving, stop the car before you snap.

This tiny window is the only stained glass in the church. Very striking with the lights off this morning. There is a dove in the pediment.

It's way up there and my little camera doesn't do telephoto details very well. Nonetheless those reds, blues, and golds really pop.

At the Shutze's landscape architect John Howard (Howard Design Studio) told me he was working on a house by architect Rodolpho Castro in Ashford Park. Hey' it's on my route.

Masons were staging the over-sized brick for the front facade.

It's a departure from the typical tear-down in the neighborhood. On the right a potential tear-down, on the left a "done" tear-down. How modern will Rodolpho's house look?

I can't tell you why but I loved the morning sun on the south facade although my camera didn't pick up much of the beautiful brick.

I'd done Morningside then Oglethorpe, now to Decatur.

I've already showed you "National I-house is getting a modern T-Bone in Decatur." Today the front door was open and the inside glowed.

There's a front to back enfilade. The lights are OFF!!! They don't call the architects "Lightroom" for nothing.

I chose a trans-Kirkwood / Edgewood / Candler Park / Druid Hills route next. First "The Mansions of Howard Street" then a cruise by the Edgewood Community Garden.

There is a hilltop west of the Gardens. I spotted a little cross. It's on the way, why not?

Here it is. These sturdy little churches are all over the city.

You don't have to be a cathedral to have stained glass.


After a jog downtown I headed north to the Mt. Paran/Northside area.

On the way home I snapped the beautiful steeple looking it's best from West Wesley.

Good grief, some of the urns are missing.

Looks like I'm getting spots in my pictures. Is the camera still under warranty?


  1. I try to take my camera with me everywhere I go and it's when I don't have it that something so wonderful is there, or when I am driving and I can't get it ready in time. So much to see, so little time. Love that modern house.

  2. I wish the modern house had a little more "elbow room" with it's neighbors. But it might be resolved in the end. Please post a shot after the landscape is complete.

  3. DC, It's a street of ranchers on ample lots. The teardowns so far are big traditionals built to the lend-ability/saleability checklist if you know what I mean.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Rodolfo's new house. I'm quite intrigued. A little creative Googling and I already know where to look. It's on the plan...

  5. Thanks for driving by Terry!

    When the house is a bit further along I would be glad to arrange a tour for you and any other bloggers who might be interested!

  6. Great advice, Terry. With today's camera phones and the sleek, slender point-and-shoot cameras, it's so easy to carry a camera with you all the time!

  7. Great suggestion and good shoot, Thanks for sharing !

  8. Great design, Terry. Thanks for sharing your designs.


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