Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enjoying the 2011 Shutze Awards - Pt. 1, the Magic at Knollwood

There I was at Knollwood across the street from the Governor's Mansion at the kickoff party. There were intern architects, folks who could own a home like this, and folks in between. Maybe I'm too sentimental: When you fill this house with people, you get joy. It's not just me, is it?

I blogged about the 2o11 Shutze Awards 10 times but I don't think I convinced a single soul to attend. I blame myself. I'll try harder next year. I'm old enough to know better. I build these things up in my mind. It was my 3rd swing at the awards and I expected a lot.

Blogging and enthusiasm got me an invite to the patrons' party at Knollwood on Friday night. I'm sure they'll correct that mistake once they know me better.

Kicking off the Shutzes at Knollwo0d was just perfect. Designed by Hentz Alder, and Shutze, the Kiser family threw their first party in the fall of 1931.

It's for sale so you can see the pictures here. Helen at Whitehaven declared it House of the Week. But real estate pictures don't cut it for a place like this.

You should see this house full of people. These rooms make people feel important and comfortable and delighted.

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Here are the winners, the stars of the show, some of the most beautiful places you'll ever see produced in collaborations of owners, architects, designers, craftspeople, and engineers here in the South.

Next: Part 2: the lecture with no test.


  1. I actually was planning to attend once I read your posts about it, had my hotel booked and everything, but had to scrap everything last munite when my sister was in a car accident and was hospitalized. All is good now, and hope I get to go next year!

  2. Terry, I am sure all your efforts were greatly appreciated. I enjoyed seeing the award winning projects, all very deserving.


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