Thursday, January 13, 2011


I think Bill designed this space for the tree but forgot to tell us. I mean: don't architects design for Christmas Trees? Even for wreaths on the door?

We'd struggled for years with tree placement, moving furniture and big ficus trees, blocking the TV, everything. Then Gordon said, "Why don't you put it over there?" Gordon is right about everything, especially this time.

Returning the corner to normal life is a snap.

It was a little green for a while.


  1. I always consider the Christmas tree as well as holiday lighting when designing a new house or a major renovation. You may be surprised to know that many non-Christians have a tree or at least a wreath at Christmas these days. __ The Devoted Classicist

  2. Love this! Leave it to you to make taking down the tree something fun to watch. And thanks for the funniest comment all day. Lodge fever! LOL!

  3. Great, great use of time lapse! Can't wait to see the family Thanksgiving through the eyes of the time lapse.

    I have two spots in mind for the Christmas tree in the new house. Might have to get two trees next year - or one artificial, one real.

  4. Excellent choice of music for this vid.


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