Wednesday, January 5, 2011

National I-house is getting a modern T-Bone in Decatur

You can find these in every county in Georgia, probably nearly every county in the USA. This one is in the MAK District of Decatur, near a boatload of Leilia Ross Wilburn houses, very good company.

Here is another in Brookhaven, recently torn down.

Here is the Lambright House, Freedmen’s Grove from Vanishing South Georgia.

It's a "National I-house." according to pp. 96-97 of The Field Guild to American Houses, a skinny house 2 rooms wide and one room deep.

It's just skirts my errand route. Today I did a little detour to check it out. So many of these dignified houses rot away on roadsides. It's familiar all-American shape sits on a lot with plenty of breathing room.

But how can a tiny house suit a modern family in a first class neighborhood?

Something is going back in the back. The sign for Lightroom Architects (...specializes in the modern renovation of existing residences) is a dead giveaway. Some thing is going on back there and it doesn't look vernacular.

Let's check the other side.

Uh-huh. I like that the new wing isn't continuous with the siding of the I-house. The I-house maintains it shape.

Looks like the wing T-Bones into a big room at the back. The "porte-cochere roof overhang thing" suggests the width and height of "T" room.

Here is the south side.

I have turned this over to the Architecture Tourist Vernacular / Modern Special Interest Group for weekly inspections.

Congratulations to Lightroom and to the fortunate owners.

Attention: Lovers of The Ansley Glass House by bldgs, the office Atlanta architects Brian Bell and David Yocum.


  1. Isn't it nice when the architects and builders respect the original architecture when doing renovations, remodels and additions. So hard to find that concern for the original aesthetic today.

  2. Plantation Plain is another name for this house(I think).

  3. So true so true so true!!! Great eye to catch that addition you shared with us, a nice twist in the post and visuals.
    On a personal note, Terry, life is made of moments, thank you for the wonderful moment I found a few minutes ago. Heartfelt thanks.


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