Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snowy time-lapse & pictures at our place

It's not like we haven't seen snow. But we're climbing the walls down here. My folk pelican remains stoic through it all, adding a bit of color.

He looks lonely from the big office window.

The fine snow got though our screen somehow.

My red fence project popped behind the withered hydrangea.

Our little boy in concrete spent many years on our mantel. Been cooling his heels giving us a little vista from the window above the kitchen sink.


Here is my little time-lapse, thanks to Chopin.


  1. I'm totally dying to leave my house. I have such cabin fever right now. I haven't been able to get out of my condo complex parking lot for 3 days. The beach is calling my name. :o)

  2. We did an Ansley Mall Kroger adventure yesterday and cruised Va-Hi for fun in the process. Bought a Key Lime Pie!!! Just the thing for the snowbound we think.

  3. We cannot drive out of our building as the side roads are iced over and the driveway to the main road from the plaza still has not been gritted. Yesterday it thawed a little and we were able to get to the supermarket, but today what thawed yesterday is pure ice.

    Where I work is closed until next Tuesday (MLK holiday on Monday).

  4. Y'all be careful up there! I was very grateful that my Mother (of Marietta) had come down to visit us when this storm hit. Isn't this your 3rd snow of the year?!

  5. I guess that boy sure is cooling his heels, they've probably never been cooler in his entire life. Snowpocalypse has been fun (and beautiful), but I'm ready for a thaw!

  6. The "boy" came from House Parts in 1989 along with our 2 big front porch urns. It was a great visit, an old re-purposed factory. Many molds, many castings, much hard work work being done. At the time it was in Castleberry Hill. I wonder if House Parts is still around and still does these sort of things.

  7. Hi found you through Whitehaven where we were both recognized (I am so honored being new at this) but found this to ring true with me. I have major cabin fever, here in NY we have plenty of snow to last us the rest of the winter. Hope you stay safe and may summer come sooner than later:)


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