Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Head is Full of Stars

I got some cool pictures.
"Your Head is Full of Stars" Improv Dance and Music left me with great memories. I went on a lark with GloATL fresh on my mind. Why not try more improv dance?

Allen Welty-Green is keyboardist for Zentropy featuring Gabriel Monticello - bass and Davis Petterson, drums. They supplied the music.

Crossover Movement Arts, (Blake Dalton, artistic director) provided the dancers.

3 sets of music, 3 sets of dancing, an hour and a half of unexpected delight.

The music and dance would have been fine by themselves. Musicians and dancers played close attention to each, rare for rock/jazz music genre. It made me feel more involved. Allen is wearing the hat.

There was a red dance.

And a white dance.

This is local renaissance man Thomas Bell, co-founder of the Decatur Book Festival and the festival's program director. Dances a bit too.

One of the great things about Eyedrum is that I don't feel tied down to a seat. I moved around to get different views. I guess that's crowd dancing.

The body curves mesmerized at times.

I never quite knew was was next or even if they would stay on the wraparound stage.


Here is Allen Welty-Green (hat) after the show. Another renaisance man, Allen is the leader of Eyedrum which founded, funded, designed, constructed, staffed, cleaned, and managed by Atlanta artists. It's an Atlanta treasure, located 2 blocks west of Oakland Cemetery. It's a bit on the edgy side.

I got a tiny bit of video of some funky sashaying during the white dance.

This one is on it's side (dunderhead!!) with a bit more "space" in the music.

So thanks to Eyedrum, Zentropy and Crossover Movement Arts for a great night, March 13, 2010.



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