Monday, May 17, 2010

Artist Trifecta Gallery

Artist Trifecta Gallery is a relatively new addition to the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta. On the left is gallery proprietor Amanda Brown.

In the background: work by Nigel Marson, which became a cover for Edwin McCain's Austin Series CD.

Artist Trifecta lives is this extraordinary building. Several of of Atlanta's great galleries are neighbors.

A variety of art and photography - some quite affordable - fills the multilevel space. There was a lot to see.


This was my favorite:. Tinybopper look with the retro chair?

There was a good crowd at Artist Trifecta for the May Castleberry Stroll. You can see Atlanta painter, cartoonist, musician Tom Ferguson as a blur (he's fast). Tom came to Atlanta originally to restore the Atlanta Cyclorama.
P1010993-2010-05-14-Castleberry-Stroll-Artists-Trifecta- AMANDA-BROWN-KK

We've met Amanda before. She is THE Amanda Brown of Body Part Art. Here she is demonstrating lifecast sculpture at ZuCot Gallery last November.

Best wishes to Amanda and Artist Trifecta. Check it out the next Castelberry Art Stroll on June 11, 2010.



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