Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rooms with views without rooms or views by Karen and James Hollingsworth

I wasn't the only person who wanted to be at that table. Seaside sunlight shone from the painting into the gallery. I could almost feel the breeze making the curtains flutter. It's an Architecture Tourist 2-fer.

These photos of photo realism are from Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta. At the reception last Friday I turned into a gallery of calm by husband wife artists James Neil Hollingsworth and Karen Hollingsworth.

How about a PB&J from James? More realistic than the real thing and wittier too. I can't imagine a more appetizing or dramatic sandwich can you?

I returned to the gallery at the end of the night, wishing I was there at the table. This is "Beachread 3" by Karen Hollingsworth.

These paintings fill me with sentiment and nostalgia rather than angst. I imagine commissioning the Hollingsworth's to paint my favorite room looking out to my favorite view. I'd place the painting to provide a zen view at the end of a long hallway, or in a room without much of a view.

Maybe I'd just keep it with me as I moved from room to room.

Thanks to the Hollingsworths.

P.S. Alain Gazier Silent Interiors at Besharat Gallery


  1. Their photorealism work at its best. Long admired their devotion to it.

  2. How funny! We do have similar posts today. Isn't that a fantastic coincidence?

  3. Hi, Terry, I just saw that you and I are both in the same feature in the new Atlanta Homes and I just wanted to pop by and say hello. :) I thought what you had to say on the topic was very interesting and so true! See you again soon!

  4. I love that last painting!!!! Wow!

  5. The plastic bag around the bread looks so real! I also really like the beach photo.

  6. I seriously could feel the breeze coming through the window!


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