Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cecil Touchon at Kinkos?

Office supplies imitating collage!!!

I was doing my downtown Atlanta errands today and spotted this in the mezzanine of the Equitable Building.

My brain said, "What is a Cecil Touchon collage doing in Kinkos (now FedEx Office)?" Here are some of the real things from Emily Amy Gallery

Look closely:

Here is Mr Touchon at his Emily Amy Gallery reception. Does he moonlight arranging supply rooms too? Does he ever sleep?


  1. That is too funny. You are a true art appreciator, for sure.

    Thanks for the feedback on my stocking "dilemma" I would love to see your homemade ones! I do actually have one in red corduroy hat my grandmother made- complete with smocked decor and my initial at the top. But I need a coordinating set. In my head at least. :-)

  2. Too great, Terry. I need to get out of the suburbs.

  3. How funny! Have you been inside up to that Kinkos? Its the best furnished Kinkos a person could ever come across. There are 2 authentic Barcelona lounges in the lobby! What can I say, its the closest 24 hour Kinkos to my house...

  4. I think the mezzanine of the Equitable building is one of the best spaces in downtown Atlanta. Particularly the NE corner now blocked off. It has a panoramic view and feels connected to the street and nearby buildings. I blogged about the Equitable plaza and mezzanine here.

  5. Loved seeing all of the art in this post! I see Mark Boomershine in the balcony of our church most Sundays, along with his wife Cinda who owns 'Cinda B', a handbag/totes/travel bag company with a huge celebrity following.


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