Saturday, June 6, 2009

We do Atlanta's Buckhead Gallery Walk, June 4, 2009

The Architecture Tourists haven't done this "first Thursday" stroll before. A rainy but comfortable Atlanta night, it was as if they put the whole show on just for the 3 of us. The slide-show at the bottom of the post has much more, including the Dog with Goldfish.

Here is an A-T Auxiliary member, Rachel, with 4 of her favorites by Sarah Dixon at TULA.


Featuring galleries on Bennett Street, Peachttree Hills, and Buckhead propper, you can't do this all in one evening. We concentrated on Bennett Street. It's almost hidden from Peachtree Street just north of Piedmont Hospital. Would this view attract you to an upscale galley and antique district? If you are in the know, yes. Personally, I love re-purposed warehouses. The best architecture lives many lives.


We met several of the artists. Here is Anne Neilson. She was opening her exhibit "Angels in our Midst" at Ann Irwin Fine Art. She came down from Charlotte for the opening.


Here is Paul Rodecker who was exhibiting "Drawing Correspondence a collaborative art project by Angus Galloway and Paul Rodecker" at the lower level space of the Museum Of Contemporary Art of Georgia, MOCA. We were fascinated by these and Paul showed us his favorites. There are more detailed pictures in the slide show.


Joe Camoosa was showing in his TULA studio. Here are just 2 of his extraordinary abstracts. My picture isn't worthy.


Here is Marta L. Suarez also in TULA. We are rooster fans so we asked her to share the picture.


Shirley Higgins Seguin shared her TULA space with Ms. Suarez. I like the reds and the pear.


Ann Rhodes, also in her TULA studio poses with her glowing ballet corp.


Nick has joined the Auxiliary and enjoyed this one by Heather Barron at Bennett Street Gallery. You can see how rainy it was on his shoulders.


Here I am, hoping something will rub off from Steve Penley's Einstein at Matre Gallery. Some more great shots from Matre in the slide show.


Apologies to Bary Sons and Judie Jacobs, both at TULA. My pictures of their stuff were terrible but you might love their work.

There is much more in the slide show. Make it full screen for more fun.


P.S. I want to congratulate Atlanta blogger Things that Inspire for an extraordinary post, "Steel Windows and Doors."


  1. Joe Camoosa is a great artist and a great guy too! I have never been on one of these gallery walks either, looks like fun!

    Thank you for your compliment about the steel windows and doors post - your picture was one of my favorites from the post. What a gorgeous kitchen.

  2. It's wonderful that you take your daughter on these art walks. She will have a life time of the wonderful gift of art appreciation. It will enrich her life immeasurably.

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  4. wow... LOVE the art work.

    What a great post... love the energy you have.



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