Thursday, June 25, 2009

Atlanta's New Urban neighborhoods -been there?

Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Fridays" blog party; I hope y'all will click here and have look. This week I'm hooked on Atlanta's "new urban neighborhoods.

The Congress for New Urbanism will be in Atlanta - May 2010. Below is a short promotional video for the conference. As an Atlanta fan of new urbnanism this is particularly interesting. It shows the names and faces of several movers and shakers. The sponsor list is also interesting.

Attention: Atlanta Architecture Tourists: Can you can identify the locations in the video? Have you been there? Atlantic Station for sure - Ikea is there. But Technology Square? Glenwood Park? Midtown at Piedmont Park? Market Village in Smyrna? Serenbe? I would add Virginia Highland / Morningside which isn't new but it is nice.

If you can do only one, go to Glenwood Park perhaps as a side trip from the zoo. It's just one block from I-20. It is a charming, compact, labor of love; the Atlanta development I most want to succeed.

Attention: Atlanta Art Strollers: Your host and the Architecture Tourist Auxiliary are heading to the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll this Friday (June 25, 2009). We're starting at the Castleberry Point Lofts because they are hosting their own artist market, have free wine in 2 open house loft units and you can go on the really amazing roof. Plus Jerry Miller, the developer, is a friend of ours. The neon "John Deere" sign above is a Castleberry Hill landmark.

Oh, here is the New Urbanism video

End video


  1. I love the dramatic music with it! Ivy Village in Smyrna is also there. Who knew little old Smyrna would have 3 features in this! Thanks for the heads up on Castleberry HIll Art Stroll. will try to make it.

  2. If you are on the Castleberry stroll and see the old guy on the right (Terry) or the wonderful girl with the red shirt, please say hello. The other 2 can't make it tomorrow.

  3. i need to get out more in atlanta. it's the traffic that gets me down...

  4. Maya, I think crossing the 285 barrier is tough. The downtown connector can be bad at the wrong time. But my experience is that traffic is worse from I-285 out. Our guideline is stay inside the perimeter except for vacations, seeing grandma and grandpa, and kids soccer games.

    In any case you have to go to the zoo. Panda cam is good but, you have to go. Glenwood park is 2 exits east of the Zoo on I-20, and not very big. While in Grant Park, cruise Cherokee Avenue and a few other streets west of Cherokee.

  5. I loved when i visited HOT -lanta.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Oh, wish I could've been part of the Atlanta Art Strollers...alas, my stroll journey from Sydney to Atlanta would take me hundreds of years.


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