Monday, June 22, 2009

Begone vapid design blog comments

This Sunday Joni at Cote de Texas rocked design bloggers in her critical post "Good Money for Nothing." As I write this on Monday about 9:30 pm, there are 159 comments.

Design blogs are so nice, so polite, so deferential, and so in the "if you can't say something nice..." vein. Design blog comments are deference squared. If your comment is too strong, folks won't like you and certainly won't visit your blog. Can you imagine a 1st time commenter criticizing Cote de Texas?

Architecture blogs and opinion columns are often very critical. Design - not so much. So I take blog comments with a little vinegar.

Joni is one of the few who could do it and even she was a bit reluctant: " I was a little timid about posting this." It takes a strong following to go negative.

Thanks to Joni for giving readers a chance to be critical and blow off some steam, at least for a while.

Thanks to the Skirted Round Table. I think the Great Skirted Ones, Megan Arquette, Joni Webb, and Linda Merrill are shaking things up a bit, maybe in ways they didn't expect.

I am certainly enjoying it.


P.S. This above picture is the punch line from one of my favorite posts, "Hooked on decor for families and tasteful arm wrestling."


  1. Great post & rings true. I love the ladies @ the Skirted Round Table too. Have already taken a lot of what they've spoken about to heart.

  2. thanks so much for this. well.... go read what I just wrote - a "nice" story! i am such a chicken! haha!!! no - i wasn't trying to ruin a magazine - so I showed a story that I loved instead. I just could NOT get over those two coffee tables in a great magazine. oh well. thanks so much for this post - i loved it!

  3. great post. and I enjoyed Joni's too (though didn't comment) but I do totally agree on the two coffee tables!

  4. Well put, Terry! I've enjoyed your last two posts. Cute idea.

  5. Thanks for sending me Joni's way...that was a great read.

    Your family looks like fun!


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