Thursday, June 2, 2016

Monie Ferst House (1929) by Philip Trammell Shutze at the Estate Sale

I bet this house looked 200 years old on the day they moved in.

I got a tip from Terry Stephens. He was preparing an estate sale and I recognized the picture. I told everybody I knew, sorry if you didn't get the word, very sorry.  Pictures don't cut it. The junky estate sale look didn't spoil it.

This way. There's another little video at the end.

The front.

Garden view.

This is the best you can see it without going on the property. My picture from 2011.

"Monie Alan Ferst graduated from Georgia Tech in 1911 with a degree in M.E. He founded Scripto, Inc., and retired as chairman of the board." - Georgia Tech Digital Archive

"The architect's medieval aesthetic is successfully translated to a French provincial farm environment at the Monie Ferst House (1929)..." -  Robert Criaig, New Georgia Encyclopedia

"Shutze created as successful a rendition of the Normandy farmhouse as any other contemporary architect and yet it may be his only design in the Style." - Elizabeth Meredith Dowling American Classicist the Architecture of Philip Teammell Shutze The floor plans are in the book.

"Truth be told, I was more interested in seeing the home & gardens than actually shopping the contents of the sale." Sarah Ferguson who blogged it DUCHESS FARE with some great pictures.

My camera wasn't up to the task.

20160512_132826 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
These little rustic obelisks mark the drive but you can't really see the house.

20160512_133602 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
I'm a gravel driveway man and this has with ultra-rustic "curbs."

20160512_133047 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
Ladies in heels had to be careful here.

20160512_133634 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
"Garage" just isn't the right word. Efficiency apartment for staff above with entrance via the stair. Bring your groceries in by the door in the ell.

20160512_135343 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
How it looks from the somewhat dirty master bedroom window.

20160512_134832 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
How it looks from the living room window. Probably the best view of a garage in Atlanta.

20160512_133029 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
This sort of stuff is just out where it belongs. Detailing for miles and miles makes for big harmony.

Oh yeah, the tower is in the other ell, circular stair inside. The wing on the right has the formal living room below and master suite above.

20160512_133722 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
Shutze's front doors seem small to me and I mean perfectly small. It say's come on in.

20160512_135141 2016-05-12 Shutze 845 Clifton Road
Curved windows cost extra.

Take a look back in the back:

Best to you.


  1. Wow! What a house. Just proof that the details can make a building.

  2. Replies
    1. It indeed is. The driveway would have been enough by itself.

  3. So cool! I'm so glad you captured this. I wanted to go to the sale to see the house, but had a migraine on day one, and althouogh I begged to be let in at the end, I was too late. I so wanted to see the frescos that were said to be in the dining room. ... The renovated house is now for sale for 5 million.


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