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In Pink: Ellison House 1927 Designed by Ivey and Crook - a Goner?

"Job #178, built for Hugh H. Ellison in 1927. A wonderful example of Buck's versatility, this Italian Renaissance design sits on the east side of Habersham, just north of Argonne." - Lewis Edmund "Buck" Crook, Jr.1898-1967 Atlanta Architect 

But this is NOT what the kids want these days.

In the last six months I've been to estate sales at one Neel Reid, two Shutze's, and two Ivey and Crook's. So far they've torn down one Shutze and one Crook. The Elison is the least of the five houses.

It's photogenic and pink, but it's not so big: The main house is 3,172 square feet on 0.8035 acre. And it hasn't been updated in a while.

We tend to think that Buckhead houses are mansions but most aren't. This is a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath with some elegant public rooms. The rest is just a family house with tiny closets.

Have a look.

20160617_111144 2953 Habersham
Neel Reid, Crook, and Shuzte designed adorable side entrances. Look for them.

20160617_111217 2953 Habersham
The front door is for special occasions. It's a little more beat up than the picture shows but I'll take this as is.

20160617_111255 2953 Habersham
I don't know what you call these. The Architecture Tourist thinks big bodacious buttresses with volutes in acanthus wrap. Would the composition look right without them? (Thanks John Tackett, The Devoted Classicist and Merrium Webster these are "consoles" ... console: "an architectural member projecting from a wall to form a bracket or from a keystone for ornament."

20160617_111314 2953 Habersham
Wonder if the metal fan is original equipment. It pulls dark the door, shutters, and lanterns.A composition in pink with white and black accents.

20160617_112048 2953 Habersham
Inside I'd prefer more light and less metal.

20160617_112028 2953 Habersham
The entry has the stair, family entrance to the right and a zen view to the living room and sun room.

These are the fancy rooms, the rest have far less decorative detailing.

20160617_113017 2953 Habersham
This is pretty much how the Georgia classicists did stairs and we should be glad.

20160617_113034 2953 Habersham
From the outside the windows look in proportion, they look just right. From inside you realize they are big. There are many views of the rafter tails under the eaves.

20160617_115937 2953 Habersham
Some of the windows don't operate any more, these casement windows are in the sun room, probably haven't opened since air conditioning.

IMG_20160617_112641 2953 Habersham
The living room took my breath away.

"Living room features magnificent heart pine ceiling modeled after a ceiling in Florence, graceful arches and handsome fireplace." Beachcam and Company from the real estate ad.

20160617_112714 2953 Habersham
The sun room has big time detailing too. I didn't get such a good picture. The room out back is an add on family room.

20160617_120009 2953 Habersham
Here's the add on "family room" and I didn't want to look at it.

20160617_112733 2953 Habersham
There is an enfilade across the whole front of the house linking the public spaces. This picture is from the sun room through the living room, foyer/stair hall, family foyer and family entrance. You can see from one end of the house to the other. A zen view. A great feature.

20160617_112939 2953 Habersham
Pantry / breakfast room is cozy. See the how tall the window is?.

20160617_113526 2953 Habersham
Upstairs has some nice pink and under-eave views. Looks it's age.

20160617_113724 2953 Habersham
It feels substantial. Where does the water go?

20160617_113914 2953 Habersham
People lingered here. The corner stair makes a two-story shaft that brings light deep into the both floors and features a balcony with an inside-out view.

20160617_114526 2953 Habersham
This is the bedroom hall. I'm looking from the little bedroom on the right side, across the stair balcony into the master suite on the left side of the house. Another little bedroom is off the hall to the right.

20160617_111548 2953 Habersham
We can see the tile roof from here. Kitchen / service entrance to left. Family room bump-out to the right.

20160617_115511 2953 Habersham
The lot is 400 feet deep, room for another house if they want to restore the original house. But what if you want a pool?

I think it's a goner. 10,000 square feet seems the minimum up here.


  1. Love the house !

    You would appreciate the home I've moved into. Ca. 1900 American farmhouse, central hall 9' wide x 50' long, 11' ceilings, etc. Will not renovate too much, only master bath which had already been renovated horribly.

    Want to change my life to fit the house, not the house to fit me.

    XO T

    1. Let me know about the house warming.

    2. Great idea, and can show you other homes ! XOT

  2. thats a magnificent house - i hope no one tears it down but that seems to be how it goes in Atlanta.

  3. While the ornamental iron grille on the fanlight adds to the balcony and lantern composition (that would have benefited from the addition of an iron & glass door), the low consoles of the doorway surround are the one element I could have done without. But it is an extremely handsome house and I cannot imagine that the street would not suffer its loss.

  4. It's too bad it's a goner. That living room is awesome. They don't make it like that anymore.

  5. Terry,I am happy to report I was there, at the estate sale, when the new Owners were walking through the house with their architect. As one would expect, there are plans to take down walls between the clusters of small rooms, they are also building an addition to the back, BUT the house is staying. I was so happy when I heard the news I almost hugged all three of them.

    1. Hope so. Plans often change once the estimates come in.

  6. Dear Terry, Which Schutze and which Crook have they torn down? I do not live in Atlanta (though I am a Southerner by birth) and I am distressed to hear about the loss.
    Sincerely, Lisa

    1. The Shutze was 3665 Tuxedo Road

    2. The Crook was 27 West Andrews the "Rich's" house

  7. Yes, it’s true that kids no more want it these days. Recently, purchased my new home in Luxury Real Estate in Dove mountain and both my kids and my wife really loved our new home. Glad to find such an awesome place.


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