Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Terry's Tiny Tour: 101 Seconds at Frogtoon in Atlanta Tech Village with Yassine, Selah, & Trish

Was it a rave or a tech start-up incubator?  "I think maybe it's both." - Forrest Gump.

Hypepotamus and Architecture Tourist are teaming to tour tech work-spaces and to meet the cool folks who work there.

Our second stop was Atlanta Tech Village. It's a whole building full of tech companies smack on the corner of Piedmont and the Buckhead Loop. Trish Whitlock and I were visiting Yassine Sbiti and Selah Omer at Frogtoon Music. Yassine is founder and CEO, Selah was making it all work. Both were terrific hosts.

Atlanta Tech Village was JUMPING I tell you. The shiny orange wall and Octane Coffee were the CALMING influences. Have you been there?

That's the awesome Trish Whitlock, editor at Hypepotamus on the left, the awesome Octane Coffee barista on the right.

After coffee I didn't know what was going to happen. I was expecting to have my head blown clean off.

Instead we had the warmest little meeting. Yassine and Selah showed us Frogtune Music in their tiny yet totally adequate office.

As we said goodbye, Trish took pictures while I took 101 seconds of video and added a dash of Mozart.

A pleasant dose of warmth and good cheer, you don't meet companies and offices, you meet people. Bravo!

20150219_12151120150219_111216 2014-02-19 Hypepotamus tour Octane Atlanta Tech Village for Frogtoon meeting Yassine Sbiti Trich Whitlock
We got a little rowdy, enough that the shush-up-lady-in-yellow-stripes asked us to quiet down. We did.

Thanks Yassine, Selah, and Trish.

What about the first stop, the third, fourth and the rest? More later.

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