Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Help Us Find Atlanta's Flatiron Buildings and Use #FlatIronATL

If you use Instragram or Twitter or Facebook, use #FlatIronATL. If you are interested in places, preservation, and contributing, get Instagram and pitch in. OK?

I'm testing the hashtag waters for Atlanta Preservation Center's Phoenix Flies which starts in a couple of weeks. (Note: #PhoenixFlies #PreserveATL and maybe more.)

Let's find Atlanta's "Flatiron" Buildings. Let's find every single one in Greater Atlanta and tag every single one with #FlatIronATL.

What is a "Flatiron" building? I'm going to allow a lot of slack. Here are some ideas: One end narrower than the other, some non-parallel sides, some non-90 angles, sometimes at a non-90 degree intersection.

There might be some close calls. Maybe the Georgia Pacific Building isn't flatiron but it's certainly flatiron friendly.

Kind of like these. Our very best developers and architects really liked them. Me too.

20150208_181718 2015-02-08 weloveatl Instameet Atlanta flatiron flat iron buildings from Sundail Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta's historic clashing street grids gave us many pointy intersections just right for flatirons.

20150116_110636 2014-01-16 Atlanta Olympic Building rehab at five points renovation
They don't have to have a point or be tall. (Olympia Building at Five Points). Marble never hurts.

20150210_135928 2015-02-10 flatiron 214 FLAT SHOALS AVE  Reynoldstown
They don't need to be tall, downtown, or occupied. The elegance is in the shape. (one of at least 3 on Flat Shoals in Reynoldstown.

20150211_154357 2015-02-11 Flatiron OUTREACH DELIVERANCE  MINISTRY  597 AUBURN AVE Atlanta  at Wheat Street and Randolph Street Old Fourth Ward 4th
A little church in the Old Fourth Ward will do fine. (Mental note: Why Auburn Avenue takes a diagonal here?

P1050048-2012-02-25--Airport-Drive-West-End-Citadel-Of-Hope-Evangelistic-COGIC-detail-full west end church
The pointy end needn't face the street and curves are perfectly fine in West End's Westview's Citadel of Home Evangelistic COGIC.

IMG_5339-2013-09-26-Tabernacle-Missionary-Holiness-Church-102-5th-Ave-Decatur-detail oakview flatiron flat iron
Vernacular "cracker" is a landmark in Oakhurst though few love it as much as I do. Is Kavarna a flatiron?

20150209_123121 2015-02-09 flatiron THE POINT 420 Moreland Avenue Little Five Points
To have been "The Point" in "Little Five" is an honor few flatirons can boast.

20150209_123118 2015-02-09 flatiron 417 Moreland Avenue Little Five Points
It's more than twice as good if your sister flatiron is across the street especially if you do tile with arts and crafts style. You can enjoy these right from your car.

20150211_154648 2015-02-11 Flatiron 775 LAKE AVE Inman Park Julianna's Crepes
I'll have crepes in my Inman Park flatiron.

20150214_123518 2015-02-14 flatiron in Castleberry Hill 101 CENTENNIAL PARK DR and Castleberry Point
Castleberry Hill has at least five flatirons and two are new.

20150214_123930 2015-02-14 flatiron in Castleberry Hill 159 WALKER ST
Sam Parker and Mollie Rose Freeman (legally) decorated this little one in Castleberry Hill.

20150214_165002 2015-02-14 flatiron east Atlanta East Atlanta Banking Company 520 FLAT SHOALS AVENUE ATLANTA 30316
There are at least three in East Atlanta including the stupendous East Atlanta Banking Company building.

That's not all

So go forth and #FlatIronATL.

Find those diagonal snaking streets: try Flat Shoals, Cascasde, Ralph David Abernathy. There's one on Forest Street on the West Side.

There should be some in Buckhead, Hapeville, College Park but I haven't had time to explore.

How about Mariettea, Roswell, Jonesboro, Chamblee Doraville?

How about Jim Ellis Chevrolet on Peachtree Industrial at Shallowford?

How about...

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