Monday, August 11, 2014

The Churches on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard

That's so Atlanta: At Northside Drive it changes names to Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard. I'd prefer Boone-Allen Boulevard, kind of like Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Until 2008 it was Simpson Road - so Atlanta

I've been watching three Living Walls murals on up at 1211 Joseph E. Boone. See the map below. They are where Troy Street T-bones JE Boone, just west of the BeltLine and east of Proctor Creek.

My first time through I took pictures of the churches, the physical landmarks and social bulwarks of the neighborhoods. This is Vine City and English Avenue, places folks like me go when we think things are going well.

I love these small churches in re-purposed buildings most of all.

Where's Joseph E. Boone Boulevard?

Who was Joesph E. Boone?

"Rev. Joseph Everhart Boone (September 19, 1922 – July 15, 2006) was a civil rights activist and organizer who marched together with Martin Luther King Jr. He was a key organizer of the Atlanta Movement, which led to the integration of lunch counters and department stores in Atlanta, during the early 1960s. He worked with King, Ralph David Abernathy, John Lewis and Andrew Young, but never was recognized to the same degree they were. King named Boone as the chief negotiator of Operation Breadbasket, a program that encouraged businesses that sold to African-Americans, to employ and promote African Americans. Boone led a team of more than 200 ministers in more than 30 cities for Operation Breadbasket."  Wiki.









That's just a few of them. It's a start. Go see.

Here are the murals, they should be finished by now.

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