Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Get This! Gallery R.I.P - I'll Miss the Contribution to the Street

I'll miss the opening nights when Get This! spilled light and art and people into the street.

Your've already heard, right? Get This Gallery Closes After 10 Years. I say hale and farewell.

If you don't follow the art scene: We just hate it when our galleries close, afraid it represents some fatal flaw in us and our community. Others will have their say on this. I loved it on opening nights.

On Monroe across from the Park Tavern, it was smack on the sidewalk.

Openings were crowded and it was noisy inside so folks moved in and out.

It was comfortable out there. You could see the art, you could see the people, you could breathe, you connected with the street.

Atlanta's art people really love to chat and the Get This! crowd chatted more than most.

It was quieter out back but it was like sneaking out. I preferred the front.

IMG_5331 2014-05-16 Get This Gallery Always Aweigh by Harrison Keys and someone to ride the river with by Austin Eddy
The drive-by's didn't know what was happening but they could feel the energy.

On opening nights the little strip was full of life. I hope there will be another gallery in there soon.

One more thing I'll miss.

Get This! owner Lloyd Benjamin is big and tall and you could find him in the crowd.

And Lloyd was always particularly happy that I was there. I'll bet he made you feel that way too.

I say congratulations and farewell to Get This! Best wishes to Lloyd on his new ventures.

When Get This was on 11th.




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