Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do Two Sinks Tell a Tale? -1951 Rancher Teardown

With sale stuff strewn everywhere - all those personal mundane things - in rooms mostly unchanged for 40 years it was like looking into the coffin of a stranger. But these "D" shaped sinks with porcelain spouts were clean and looked almost new. It was easy to imagine loved ones brushing their teeth there thousands of time.

It's a teardown, a 1951 rancher on Wildwood about 2,300 square feet over a full basement. The last owners bought it in 1977 and I'd guess they lived there until the end. I went to the estate sale to look at the house. Architecture tourists do this sort of thing when we can.

It's a very livable house but they don't build them like this now. And you don't update ranchers in this neighborhood. You build 6,000 square-footers.

The master sink in taupe. 

IMG_3954 2014-04-11 sink 1951 Rancher on Wildwood teardown
The other sink in blue.

The house has been demolished, summer of 2014. 


  1. I stayed at a B&B in Charlotte with similar bathrooms as this and the bathrooms were all in good working order, they don't make things like they used to.

  2. The sinks are charming and I hope someone has the sense to salvage them. I fear not, though.

  3. Never seen this type of sink. Hope they will go into another home.

    XO T

  4. That's a really good description of the vibe of an estate sale. Oddly, I recently researching Pre-War and other vintage sinks, and this one looks like a Crane "Drexel" —
    Also, all roads point to this one main authority on these sinks:


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