Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bare Bulbs at Eye Level - Why THIS House Doesn't Sell

Glare Bombs: The eye-level bare bulb'ed pendant lights over the kitchen island are awful. Here are similar lights.

Does this ever work? I asked the agent to turn them off for me - instant relief.

It's a tear-down in my neighborhood. It's a safe design, a 4-square spec house that checks all the boxes. The details are better than most. The agents told me it's built better than most.

But it sits empty.

Seems like an easy fix to me. Can't they see it?

A Pattern Language has something to say  in 252. POOLS OF LIGHT:
"Uniform illumination - the sweetheart of the lighting engineers - serves no useful purpose whatsoever. In fact, it destroys the social nature of space, and makes people feel disoriented and unbounded."



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