Thursday, January 9, 2014

Almost a Teardown - Morningside Modern Renovation by Dencity Design Complete

Dencity Design ranks high on "edgy" in the Architecture Tourist scale of modernist home design.

Once you know it's a Dencity, it's fun to  guess whether it's a Bryan Russel (left) or Staffan Svenson (right) design. I think I can tell. I've house-sat both a Bryan house and a Steffan house for Modern Atlanta, but that's another blog post.

I thought this one would be a teardown for sure. It was a totally ignorable house, hard to see because of the hill and 4-lanes of traffic. There was some nice detailing though. Property tax records say 1,199 square feet on a 0.172 acre lot built in 1929.

In context.

But instead of tearing it down, they popped the top and added on.  Look at that triangle thing above the porch arches.

It's done and it's got that Dencity edge.

I'm unexpectedly amused and charmed: How about that crazy triangle window aligning with the old-timey shingle hipped roof? I hereby declare this the Triangle House.

I like that the old house is still in there taking the edge off the sleek.

In Context.

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