Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Regret This Teardown

We talked about Ansley Park carriage houses this week, one of Atlanta's greatest neighborhoods is denser that you think. Morningside too but it's getting less so.

Replacing multi-family with single-family is gentrification on steroids. Fewer students, singles, starter families, and empty nesters can live around here anymore. We won't get them back.

This multi-unit wasn't in sparkling condition.

There were 3 multi-families in a row built in the mid-30's according the property tax records.

They were so well integrated I didn't pay much attention. I got this picture from Google.

The replacement house (not shown) is just fine but you can't do this mix anymore.


  1. While I agree with your overall sentiment, that particular building was a mess. i looked at the top front apartment when i first came to town in 2001 and it was shabby with a capital S. The interior of the building was totally functionally obsolete, and well beyond any hope of renovation.


  2. I'm sure you are right JG. I lived in worse places in otherwise fine neighborhoods in great locations. One burned down while I lived there. Until then we were happy with the location and the rent. Midtown used to be full of ratty but awesome apartments. No saving them in their day. Probably no saving them today either. See the McCord teardown.


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