Monday, December 9, 2013

Elegant Virginia-Highland Design by Pak Heydt

The first time I met Yung Pak I asked him how we could get architects like him to design small(er) houses. He'd obviously thought about it. He told me he'd love to do small houses, he'd work extra hard on them. But the economics rarely favor it.

We're lucky once is a while get one like this.

He said you have to concentrate on prefect proportions rather than elaborate geegaws and luxury materials. I call that elegance.

You should have seen it before. It was from the 20's, a simple box with pleasing proportions fronted by a portico, a Georgian revival entrance. This was high-quality, elegant design, a classy little house.

Pak Heydt reused the portico. Your guests enter through a little temple. See the fan above the door?

The hip roof got a gable too with curvy brackets under the returns.

It makes it's neighbors look better.

Bravo to owners, designers, and craftsmen.

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