Tuesday, November 26, 2013

gloATL Re-opened the Rhodes Theater for a Little While

Atlanta seemed so full of theaters then.

"The (gloATL) tour concluded Friday and Saturday in the organizations’ home city of Atlanta, where the artists repeated similar activities, centering on photographic murals and a performative installation at the historic Rhodes Theater."  - ArtsATL by Andrew Alexander

I grew up with two theaters. In Atlanta I could see everything, movies I never heard of. There were six theaters in Midtown close to Georgia Tech.

You can still see movies at the Fox once in a while. The Rhodes is the only other one standing. It's still standing but hollowed out, in the shadow of an I-75 entrance ramp.

I saw the Atlanta premier of Woodstock at the Rhodes. I saw Cries and Whispers there too. I preferred Woodstock.

In 1975 I saw Bergman's Magic Flute at the Rhodes. I thought that would be the last time.

"It was a beloved Atlanta landmark single-screen cinema, the flagship of the Storey chain, before closing in 1985." - ArtsATL by Andrew Alexander

The gloATL folks performed in the Rhodes November 8-10, 2013.


You can't tell it was a theater. It looks 1-story yet seems colossal, clever design by Ivey and Crook.

Everything "theater" is gone.

The screen was down there. Was there a stage? I don't remember.

The lobby was on the other side of that wall. There wasn't a balcony,

The arches are still there.

The cornice is still there.

gloATL performed inside.

Music, dance by gloATL, projections by Living Walls, photographic murals by Dustin Chambers.

I'm a gloATL fan and I like this sort of thing. I'm fidgety and at glo performances I don't have to stay put.

The dancers danced everywhere, the music sounded great everywhere.

The babies enjoyed it.

I couldn't take it all in.

This was probably my last look and last listen at the Rhodes, but who knows?

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