Sunday, November 10, 2013

Demolishing the Hulse, Dancing the Rhodes, Moving the Randolph-Lucas - What a Week

I doubt Atlanta has many weeks like this. I am moved. Were you here too?

These deserve research, deep thought, analysis, and opinion. But I'm not blogger enough right now.

Hulse Residence:

Jim Winner tipped me about the demolition the Hulse House in Ansley Park. Designed by Anthony Ames (1984?).

I told Joe Dreher who'd studied this house while pursuing his architecture degree. We kind-of covered it. Joe has some wrenching but fascinating videos of the demo.

Rhodes Theater:


gloATL and Living Walls opened the Rhodes Theater for the weekend. It was "The Traveling Show Town Six." I'm standing where the screen was, looking towards where the the lobby was. Designed by Ivey and Crook (1937).

I dropped in on Thursday night to see a rehearsal (above) with Rhodes Hall glowing from across the street. I caught the wonderful Friday night performance too: music, projections, and dance in this gutted but still impressive space.

Randolph-Lucas House:


The Randolph-Lucas house moved this week. On Thursday, they took the second floor off. Designed by P. Thornton Mayre (Completed 1924).

It's journey to Peachtree Circle started with an impromptu street and house party about 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

What a week. Were you there too?


  1. I happened to be walking by when they were removing a tree at the Hulse Residence, but I had no idea they were tearing the whole thing down! I really liked that house. Curious to see what goes in its place...


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