Friday, April 5, 2013

Hidden Cottage 200 Feet from Ponce de Leon

Really? This for all intents and purposes is in Druid Hills. It's almost an acre and it's a goner. They build 1M+ houses in this neighborhood. If they build will one here, will they hide it from the street?

This looks old but the property record says 1930. I don't know.

I went to a caravan house on Tuesday and spotted this next door.

We don't have broken down sheds around here.

A closer look revealed this rusted metal roof.

I'd discovered a ancient ruin in jungle. I needed a closer look.

This is beside a grand 1923 Druid Hills type house.

Hmm... can't see from here.

It curves. Does this seem like high end unincorporated Dekalb County?

There's the broken shed I could see from next door.

There's another outbuilding back there.

They don't do outbuildings too much these days unless they are connected with concrete. My dad would have called this a "snakey place."

THIS is what I was looking for.


Here we go.

I had a cottage charm attack.

And I needed to let it go.


  1. You are so lucky, love the moments of discovery.

    glad you shared.

    Who knew? xo t

  2. I am so glad you found it! I love it! Wonder who owns it?

  3. Hope you left your contact info at the trailhead ;)

  4. Perry. I left a trail of crumbs. Ashley, I leaned yesterday that this was at sometime used as something like an in-town getaway cottage. I think it would work fine that way.

  5. I could not have walked away. And I can prove it. I bought 58 acres I didn't need because there was a log and stone summer kitchen with two walls on the ground, pre Civil War, next to a falling down 2 story log cabin. But it was the summer kitchen that grabbed me. Two walls on the ground, how could I walk away from that? The place had been abandoned since 1964, trees had grown up through the rock foundations, both building were a wreck. Eight years later they still are. The expense of restoring them was just daunting. I gave up and built my new log cabin nearby. But when I walk up that hill and look at that 150 year old masonry wall I weep. It is that beautiful. I admit it, I'm a rescuer. Again, I could not have walked away from that cottage. Linenqueen

  6. It's been sold and will be torn down soon. :-( And that's a tin roof, not a metal roof!


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