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2 of 3: Bungalow Loved and Lost: The Exterior and Windows

It's hard to believe this was standing in Virginia Highland less than a month ago, perhaps in rural Georgia but not here. It was a 1914 bungalow converted to a duplex.

1 of 3: Bungalow Loved and Lost: Was it by Leila Ross Wilburn?
3 of 3: Bungalow Loved and Lost: Interiors in Ruin

I'll start out back and walk around clockwise.

This is the back, the west side.

The back and back stair to Unit A.

This is the north side. I'd guess they added the door and steps when the made it a duplex. The Unit B foyer was probably a bedroom closet.

From right to left: Bedroom casement (now Unit B kitchen), bathroom single double-hung, Bedroom T-shaped.

Painting the triangle glass probably saved a lot of painting time.

They painted all the side window triangles like this.

I don't recall seeing another T-shaped window like this. This was the Unit B bedroom window.

This was the north window to the original den, now the Unit B living room on the northeast corner.

P1170759-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-North-wall-Unit-B-Parlor-then-BR-bath-kitchen-windows
Looking toward the west along the north wall.

The front faces east, Unit A to the left, Unit B to the right.

P1170758-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-North-Unit-B-parlor-windows-from-porch
The single window facing east of the Unit B living room. They didn't paint the triangles on the front windows.

P1170760-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-Porch-Unit-A-left--Unite-B-Right-East-facing-Bay-window
The bay window belonged to Unit A.

P1170762-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-porch-square-columns-ceiling-bracket-detail-2
Sturdy craftsman detailing.

P1170757-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-porch-double-square-columns-ne-corner-detail-plinth
Straightforward and impressive.

P1170756-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-porch-looking-east-to-Grace-Lutheran
This is the view from the front doors looking east across North Highland toward Grace Lutheran Church.

P1170761-2013-03-19--1148-North-Highland -VaHi-Teardown-before-Unit-A-Parlor-chimney-south-side-of-house-facing-west
This is the overgrown south side.

The south side had a bay window on the dining room. It had a blue tarp for years.

It's shame. Even in ruin this was a great facade and nobody could see it.

To the back again.

I'm not enjoying this but I'm glad to have a few pictures.

1 of 3: Bungalow Loved and Lost: Was it by Leila Ross Wilburn?
3 of 3: Bungalow Loved and Lost: Interiors in Ruin


  1. I would have loved to have seen those windows in their full glory. An almost subtle detail, yet so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Terry!

  2. Great blog! It will be missed! Erin had it under contract at one point too and it didn't work out. Great house!

  3. I can imagine the entire house during its glory days. The windows and door were really elegant; the roof and the sidings vividly painted; and the whole structure was unshakable. I wonder if there will be any person who would care to bring back its beauty. I believe the house still has the potential. It's just waiting to be refurbished.

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  5. The house has been there for almost a century now. Residential properties like this should really be preserved. Its old structure shows that it went through a lot. It endured many weather disturbances in the past, no wonder it looks deadbeat. It still has a chance if only the roof, siding, doors, and windows will be replaced.

    Olene Philbrook @ Rogers Roofing


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