Monday, March 18, 2013

Six Grant Park Windows from the outside.

I took a few pictures of windows at my Grant Park Tour for the 10th Phoenix Flies.

Windows are on my mind since starting the Atlanta Glass Project. (Please "like" it, enjoy it, and contribute some information, OK? And tell your friends.)

What is there to say about this gable, except that the glass probably isn't original equipment. This is on east side of Grant Street.

This is the bottom section of a south facing sacristy widow at St. Paul Methodist Church, a decorative window for a sacred space.

Here's the whole window. The the top part is protected by plastic and makes a mirror image.

The interesting thing is that you can't see the whole window from inside.

They've paneled over the bottom part of the windows. The top window sits in deep reveal with a blind arch. It's a good look.

Here are a few more.

Aged is a good look.

Wavy glass is a good look.

This vertical oval is in...

... the Burns House, an oldie:

"Union Capt. James A. Burns began building the large Queen Anne-style home after the Battle of Atlanta"

This one on isn't very prominent in daylight.

But a little Photoshopping reveals the butterfly and flowers. Imagine this from the inside.

A nice transom trimmed in green.

There are so many more. Keep your eye peeled and let us know at Atlanta Glass Project.

The 10th Phoenix Flies continues through Mary 24, 2013. See you?


  1. The other windows in ST Paul UMC sanctuary are beautiful as are the windows in the PCUSA church on Georgia Ave.

  2. The BIG stained glass ast St. Paul UMC in Grant Park

  3. Great to see so much stained glass! I really hadn't realized there was quite so much of it in Atlanta, but there is! Working on your 'stained glass bucket list' that you created for Phoenix Flies and totally enjoying Atlanta Glass Project on Facebook!

  4. If windows catch your attention, then it's front doors for me. Haha! I don't know, but I have been taking pictures of unique and colorful doors lately. Anyhow, these windows are awesome in their own way. The stained glass was beautiful. Before, we just usually see it in churches. But now, it is being used at homes and commercial buildings too.

  5. These all looks amazing! I didn't know that a window can be design in lots of ways. My niece loves the first one; she said having that window at her room will make her feel like a princess, and I think she will request it to her mom soon. Thanks for sharing this. #Danielle @


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