Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Favorite Bathroom This Year is Lovable

It took my breath away and I'm still smiling about it. This is my favorite bathroom over the last 52 weeks, maybe longer. It is so un-vintage, so un-trendy, so corner-windowed. Is rustic the right word? Quirky? Unpredictable?

It's hard for Architecture Tourists to resist open houses and caravans. We exploit the real estate industry for our entertainment. Jim Getzinger knows this about me and I'm pretty sure he likes houses as much as we do.

It's a triplex close to Taco Mac's in Virginia Highland for sale by the Getzinger Group.

Here's the master bath of the whole-floor 2/2 apartment in a 1920 bungalow. Whoever renovated it, AGP Properties I think, deserves a gold medal. This isn't the 1920's bath. It might have been the porch, or the kitchen, or who knows.

This is my picture. I'm standing in the closet looking toward the southwest corner showing the amazing light. I'd move my office in here.

New bathrooms these days are spectacular and magazine-ready with acres of space. They are amazing but predicable. They tweak the finishes and details depending on whether the owner has "arrived" or "really arrived." I don't think you'd find one like this in a new house - but maybe.
This is an HDR picture from the real estate ad with your back to the corner windows. The closet is quirky but you'll need to see for yourself.

Would anyone design a new bathroom like this? I think Historical Concepts would, I think Frank Neely would.

Of course nobody put a window above at bathroom sink...

... nobody except McAlpine Tankersley.

More like these please.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Terry. And, btw, we'd put a window above the bathroom sink. In fact, we've done it a "few" times. I'll have to send you some pics!

  2. we are so so different Terry....

  3. Agreed - wonderful space to use which is SO important in a bathroom; I'd even argue more important than a kitchen. You're at your most vulnerable and spend the most personal time there - every morning and every night. Everyday. So important! Bathrooms need windows, natural light, enough space to move around but not enough that you feel EXTRA naked when you are, in fact, naked. Love this!
    I too spend my Sunday afternoons at every open house I can find! Most are pretty banal but every once in awhile you find something special: like this!

  4. Yup, totally love this. It's got personality and charm.

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