Sunday, July 22, 2012

Charles Cashwell paints a house portrait

I spotted a house painter on Pelham last week, fine art house painter, Charles Cashwell.

I doubled back so I could introduce myself and see the work.

P1100437-2012-07-18-Charles-Cashwell-Fine Portraits-House-Portrait-Pelham
It was about 4pm and it was hot, he was camped out in the shade. Charles said he was struggling to capture the light, the colors and textures in the light.

He was doing far better at it than my camera.

P1100441-2012-07-18-Charles-Cashwell-Fine Portraits-House-Portrait-Pelham
Our portrait model is from 1930, 82 years old. Pelham houses look like this. They aren't big but a bit bigger than average for Morningside. Most were around 2,500 square feet when built.

P1100440-2012-07-18-Charles-Cashwell-Fine Portraits-House-Portrait-Pelham
I've driven past hundreds of time. It wasn't until I stopped and looked over Charles's shoulder that I looked closely.

Charles Cashwell also does human portraits and landscapes.

I know you'll enjoy Heather McPherson's remarkable house portraits of Cabbagetown:
By Heather McPherson, Get this Gallery.

ATTENTION Architects, Designers, and Realtors:: Your clients will treasure their house portraits.


  1. Ah-ha. I had passed a gentleman on my way into Druid Hills a week or so ago. I was quite curious about his choice of location for plein air painting. Nice work, Mr. Cashwell. An open eye will find beauty in all things.

  2. I'm pretty sure this was a commission. Heather's weren't.

  3. hm, this is something truly amazing, but also... an essential thing to realize that people have excess cash... aNnd will buy the house portraits.


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