Thursday, July 5, 2012

BONUS: Teardown 6 of 5 is done, gabling a bungalow pop-top.

This was a 1925 bungalow, 1,633 square feet on .1722 acre.

There are so many of these left because they are handsome, practical, and lovable. Folks have figured out how to upgrade them so they can live "modern" in great old neighborhoods.

So they didn't tear this one down. They added 1,384 square feet and renovated the rest.

Here is house 1 of 5, house 2 of 5, house 3 of 5, house 4 of 5, and house 5 of 5, house 6 of 5. house 7 of 5.

Will the green brick survive?

I'd seen this on 100's of times, it's on my regular route. It's a terminated vista where one road T-bones into another. You can't miss it.

Like most Atlanta houses it was a bit overgrown.

As usual I didn't look closely until the dumpster arrived. How about that brick? How about those windows How about the tall molding under the eaves?

Obviously a pop-top.

The sawed the back part of the roof clean off. Were they adding something on the back too?

P1030376-2011-12-23--933 Highland-View-NE-Poptop-WIP-Roof-Framing-detail
Aha, 2-storying the back.


What will happen to the green brick?

It's not green any more.

Gables galore.

Here is house 1 of 5, house 2 of 5, house 3 of 5, house 4 of 5, and house 5 of 5, house 6 of 5. house 7 of 5.


  1. This bungalow looks a lot like mine (the one we tore down). We thought about adding addition like this one, but our foundation was cracked and wouldn't handle the weight of another story. So we rebuilt. But it's interesting to see what an addition looks like on this type of bungalow. Would love to see what they did inside.

    1. Lot's of bungalow mods around. I'll start noticing.


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