Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They painted the yellow brick blue, oh my.

It had yellow brick. Not painted yellow, but yellow-yellow.

It's a Morningside pop-top, a 1959'er on .1336 acre with 1,259 square feet. A mid-century traditional? The quadruple window, the textured brick with deeply cut mortar, and red door gave it a non-trad edge.

It's not what they want today. But I always liked it. It was modest, livable for non jet-setters.

It's a fantastic location with a level walk to Alons and Doc Chey's and that makes of for a lot of square footage.

Before the housing crunch, they'd have torn it down. There are 3 fine teardowns across the street.

So they are popping the top, adding about 1,000 square feet, nothing McMansion about it. They didn't have to dig a basement, raise the first floor, or add a 2-car front facing garage.

This passes my grandma test: Would you send your grandmother out the get the mail?

They had a decision to make.

I think they chose well. When the neighbors get their pops topped, maybe in can go yellow again.

For now, it has a soft touch. You can see the crisp mortar line shadows. Those 4 windows still look cool.

Good work.


  1. As always, Terry, love your posts. Hope your new year continues as lively as 2011. xo

  2. I don't normally like painted brick but I like the way this one looks in the pictures. Also, congratulations, you have won the Liebster Award -

  3. I like the blue brick - doesn't look strange like some painted brick can.

  4. Looks like they did a great job...kept the scale of the neighborhood, paid respect to the original house. Nice post!

  5. Aw, the grandma test. I like how they transformed the house...good work!


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