Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teardown Complete: white brick, triple columns, nice work.

Update: Saturday, 2012-01-14
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Back to regularly blog post:

This one is done and it's pretty darn good. Congratulations to Phillip Pettis at Design Create Live.

It's for sale, here is the ad.

This street of big-lot, big-ranchers has been teardown central in my neighborhood.

By big-lot I mean half acre or so which is estate size around here. By big rancher I mean, well you know what I mean.

It's a 2-block street built out in a style we don't like so much any more.

Super location, best public schools, big lots, out of style houses, housing crunch: Doom.

The big-time Lenox Park re-do's started with architect Barry Doss (R.I.P.) in the late 80's. When I met Barry he told me he had a thing about ranchers, he hated them. He didn't tear them down, he reinvented them. Barry did extraordinary work, we miss him.

There's been a surge over the last several years. They are all teardowns now, work by Harrison Design Associates, William T. Baker, and others, high quality, high style, high square footage. There is a Frank G. Neely Design Associates house going up nearby, work by Brad Heppner, Spitzmiller & Norris, Joel Kelly, and David Folwer too. There are several by Ivey and Crook nearby. The Dwoskin House by Philip Shutze is 2 blocks away. Good place for surge.

But I really like this one. It's on the smallest lot. It was a 1966 infill on a quarter acre, almost 1,900 square feet.

It's narrow and deep, about a half lot.

Garage on the front. It wasn't a showoff. It gave the feeling or privacy.

It was deep and "in the woods." The neighbor had its top popped in another decade.

It was here one day and gone the next.

Mr. Pettis got it done in hurry, mostly behind this fence. Some call this style "4 and a door."

When I saw the brick, I got a house crush.

I met Phillip Pettis on a drive-by. He designed it. He said I had to see the triple columns.

The sod arrived before the columns but it was looking good.

And before I knew it the columns arrived.

Here you go. It's for sale, here is the ad.

The next teardown is already torn down. It was the "Faux Chateau."

I'll report.


  1. Not bad. Much better than most spec houses I'd say.

  2. Yes, and it's particularly good in the context of it's neighbors.

  3. I'm never a big fan of tearing it down- but this new home looks great! Brick was perfect for this home.

  4. The house looks really good - it looks and feels in proportion. I notice it is for sale - any interior shots to share?

  5. The ad:

  6. Thank you for your nice comments on my project at 1644 Merton Road. I work really hard to design new homes that fit on the street and compliment the neihborhood. This project has been well received by the neighbors... Thanks again Terry. Phillip Pettis, Builder


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