Saturday, November 19, 2011

What is and who's at the Goat Farm?

Atlanta's Goat Farm is 11 acres of total awesomeness - historic, industrial, re-purposed awesomeness. If you want to find out what's happening there, start with Facebook.

I'm going to show you a bit of what's inside thanks to MOCA's ArtMerge on November 10 and thanks to Corrina Sephora Mensoff our host for the evening. They are totally awesome. I also want to mention The Creatives Project which supports some of the Goat Farm artists in their "artist in studio" program. Its driving force, Neda Abghari demonstrates the awesome energy in Atlanta's art scene.

You don't need an occasion to visit the grounds. You can drive right on back there. It's OK. Go to Forsyth Fabrics and keep going south on Foster Street. The first street to the right is to the Howard School. The second street goes to the Goat Farm. Take a right and be impressed.

There is a pretty good chance you'll find some goats maybe some chickens. They are penned up so don't worry about getting butted or pecked. The artists probably won't butt or peck you either.

The Goat farm was at one time the E. Van Winkle Gin and Machine Works but not any more. If you like maps, diagrams, factories and history just click here. It's totally awesome.

We started our tour in the multipurpose Rodriguez Room. Inside "Flowing-as-Water" featured painting, sculpture, animation, and music by Corrina Mensoff, Matt Gilbert, Ana Balka.

Out in the yards: sculptures, Corrina's boats with wings.

gloAtl's studio takes up almost half of Goodson Yard.

We got to see them rehearsing.

The other half of Goodson Yard is a huge gallery space where TindelMichi (John Tindel and Michi Meko) were showing.

Many of the Goat Farm artists opened their studios for us. Corrina led the way.

Mmmm, artist studios are totally awesome. Ingrid Magnuson is gesturing.

Across the hall...

... photographer John Paul Floyd held court.

In another building we found artist Linda Mitchell who was part of "Lair" by SixFold Collective at the Abernathy Arts Center.

In the next building we found

fashion artist Tian Justman. She designs, she chooses fabric, she "patterns," cuts and sews at the Goat Farm.

P1020291-2011-11-10-MOCA-Goat-Farm-Tour-Studios-artists-Marium Khalid--Phillip Justman-Angel-Wings
Tain shares her building with actors, costume and set designers Marium Khalid and Phillip Justman. You need angel wings? This is the place.

The next building is huge.

Downstairs Mark Hopper did some bronze casting for us.

P1020304-2011-11-10-MOCA-Goat-Farm-Tour-Studios-artists-Bronze-Pour-Saw-dyptic Mark Hopper designer blacksmith
Hot, dirty, hard, noisy, awesome work.

Upstairs, more studios with graffiti'ed corridors.



This is Vanessa Williams.

Vanessa made her studio into a gallery of miniature works of folded and glued paper. The scale made me feel like a giant. This is a fish stair.

Ashley L. Schick is a printmaker (and a The Creatives Project artist) and assistant to Brian Dettmer, the guy who carves books. Awesome.

Ahley shares a studio with Hannah Perner Wilson ( a The Creatives Project artist) who does art/rocket science. Awesome.

Marci Starz and Brandon Sadler share a studio and both are part of a The Creatives Project. Brandon (red sweater) has work in the High Museum. I could see why.

I'd seen Marci Starz's work in local galleries; it's unforgettable.


We finished at Corrina Sephora Mensof's place. Among other things, she's a blacksmith.

Corrina shares her studio with the awesome Jane Garver. Jane did "Voice Box for Flux 2011, remember? This is where all the voice boxes roost.

This was the end of my tour. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I'll be sure to send them this link any time I see another person claiming that Atlanta has no localized culture. We are so fortunate to have this compound in our city. I've known about the Goat Farm for a while now but I've never made a point to see it for myself. That must change!

  2. There are many events at the Goat Farm. It's good to have a look in daylight so you can get your bearings. Goodson Yard and the Rodriguez Room at at the back, away from Foster. Drive until you see the no-parking beyond here sign. Park in the grass along the drive. You can also park on Foster and walk in.

  3. The GF just goes on and on:

    Glad you made it over there Terry.

  4. I visited once but clearly I didn't get the full "Architectural Tourist" tour! Great coverage. The subjects must be thrilled with your write-up because no event would ever get so much coverage in a newspaper or magazine.

  5. What a great tour I hope to get up there one of these days, very inspiring.

  6. I did enjoy this. Thanks, Terry. I'm in the area a lot but have never been back in there. Something new to explore.


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