Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This renovation may not please all tastes

It's the new Inkaholics on Piedmont at Cheshire Bridge. At Inkaholics you can get a drink, a tattoo, and a haircut.

It's an old bank on a very prominent place atop a hill. You know where.

Several banks then a few a real estate offices made a home there. The style was so familiar it rarely caught the eye. This screams "branch bank."

They painted the brick blue, the trim red and marbleized the columns. It still screams something but not "branch bank."

Now I can see it again.

I don't think they are entirely finished or entirely open. I'll report.


  1. Those are some unfortunate color choices. Then again, Piedmont Road and Cheshire Bridge aren't known for their aesthetic qualities.

  2. I don't think they are done. It is a high personality area.

  3. I sat at the traffic light and watched a guy "faux" the columns. I thought he might also stand in as a tattoo artist. For faux columns, they look pretty good. The place will probably be a huge hit, the location is very visible.

  4. Glad to see the building is finally being used but its a shame that they couldn't respect the building and the architecture a little bit more. I believe those little bank branches around Atlanta were designed by Shutze (the earlier ones), and then later by James Means, and (I think Lewis Edmond Crooke), and Clem Ford. Those buildings have OK proportions and nice details when you get close up.


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