Monday, September 12, 2011

Top 9 "likes" about a condo with Zen Views

The architect gave me a tour of a one-of-a-kind condo near completion. That's all I can say. I presume it will be in a magazine. It should be.

I sent him my top 9 like "likes." There were more.

My top things are not necessarily in order.

1. 134. ZEN VIEW's*** everywhere, luring me everywhere, making me stop and look everywhere, every step and every turn presents something new.

2. Gigantism is camouflaged, a bit of coziness everywhere.

3. Middle bedroom, coziest place in the house, just right.

4. Extraordinary art/conversation piece in a stair hall, everyone will love it, everyone will stop to enjoy it, visitors will supply their own narratives. This is a lovable place.

5. Mechanical room is as clean and organized as a reactor control room. (Is this just a man thing?)

6. Office: the cool/cleverness sticks in my mind. It's open but embraces you.

7. Behind the kitchen counter: I felt enclosed, safe, in command of the whole area, I knew what to do there. The pantry I could keep messy.

8. The cozy niche at the end, coziest public place.

9. My once and only once experience. Thanks.

It's in Buckhead. I've used a long shot to protect the condo. It is not exactly where the arrow is pointed.

*** Pattern 134. ZEN VIEW:
"...the essence of the problem with any view. It is a beautiful thing. One wants to enjoy it and drink it in every day. But the more open it is, the more obvious, the more it shouts, the sooner it will fade. Gradually it will become part of the building, like the wallpaper; and the intensity of its beauty will no longer be accessible to the people who live there..."
- A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander et al.

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