Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Clough: Best Stair in Atlanta? Best Roof Garden?

125. STAIR SEATS ". . . we know that paths and larger public gathering places need a definite shape and a degree of enclosure, with people looking into them, not out of them...Stairs around the edge do it just perfectly...Wherever there is action in a place, the spots which are the most inviting, are those high enough to give people a vantage point, and low enough to put them in action." A Pattern Language

I climbed the Clough on Wednesday, the brand new 220,000 square foot G. Wayne Claugh Undergraduate Learning Commons at Georgia Tech. I like it, you may too. It's for people. It jumps.

Facility programming by Perry Dean Rogers Architects with Houser Walker Architecture. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson designed it. They also did Tech's "Nano" building, and many Apple stores.
220,000 sq. ft.- 2,100 total seats, 41 classrooms, Two 300-plus seat, auditoria Group study rooms.

Natural light permeates all 5 floors. But the best place may be the West Gallery.

The best stair in Atlanta? "Wherever there is action in a place, the spots which are the most inviting, are those high enough to give people a vantage point, and low enough to put them in action." This is a fun place, a theater that can activate our mundane chores.

Up to the roof.

Lightning rods.

This is the roof, a garden growing wild (172. GARDEN GROWING WILD). The path connects cozy sitting niches...

...and leads to this view of Midtown.

The north facade.

For my fellow Tech alums: the Clough adjoins the library on the West and occupies the hill, the old library parking lot, and a bit of the EE parking lot. You can't drive through there any more. Skyles is on the other side in this picture.

You should visit if you get the chance.


  1. Terry! I was just in that building today! We were at a reception prior to the Tech game and did not have time to tour - I was so disappointed. Beautiful building. The Tech band played fight songs from the rooftop as we were walking from the student center. So fun!

  2. Pretty good for a classroom building, at Tech.

  3. This is a wonderful building! My wife works at Tech and I take every opportunity to tour it. I particularly recommend the roof garden at night -- one of the best views in the city. The stairs are great too and not just the ones pictured here with seating on the side. I like all the stairs in the building. I've been to the roof several times and I've never considered using the elevator.

  4. Is it open to the public?

  5. Really nice pictures and thoughts! Thank you for sharing! I particularly like the West Gallery! Natural lights makes pretty much everything better! I will make sure to check this out when I'll come to Atlanta!

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