Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Window replacement big time

Atlanta's March 14, 2008 downtown tornado outburst smashed skyscraper windows. It was a strange night at our house.

We were "shoes-on" and ready to move. The sky was scary and beautiful. But all the action was downtown.

The Peachtree Plaza, by John Portman & Associates was for a while the worlds tallest hotel. They are replacing ALL the windows. They say that the replacement cost - not adjusted for inflation - is more than the original construction cost, of the whole building.



The flatiron shaped Crnegie Building lost a bit of it's cornice. You can see the vine decoration missing on the left side of the point. Architect G. Lloyd Preacher designed it as the Wynne-Claughton Building. They are converting this wonderful building into a hotel and fixing the tornado damage in the process.

What got me started on this post is the repair scaffolding on the Equitable Building (by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) one of my favorite moderns in downtown Atlanta. You can see the scaffolding at the ceiling level of the mezzanine.

Thing is: They made the scaffold columns blend with the building. From the street they look like they belong.

I call that neighborly.


P.S. The Peachtree Plazza replaced the Henry Grady Hotel, also by G. Lloyd Preacher.


  1. wow- haven't seen the work started yet. And I never would have noticed (admittedly) the damage to the Carnegie building. Hooray that it's going to be a hotel! I hope they make it super cool though.

  2. Peachtree Plaza still looks weird to me when I drive into town and see the non-reflective windows...kind of off putting every time I see it. Seems like a colossale undertaking to fix!

  3. Doug, the Plaza is an absolutely colossal job and huge building. Without the tower it's still huge. If you are ever at any of Atlanta market buildings take the bridge over and have a look inside.

    It's been a bit forlorn since Macys closed next door. Then the tornado made it look shabby for 2 years. The Trust Company and Candler Buildings had less damage. Cabbagetown, Oakland Cemetery, and the Bag Mill took a beating too in a narrow area. Of course it tore right though the roof while the SEC Basketball Tournament was underway. Very funky evening. I take my hat off to our Midwestern bothers and sisters who see more tornadoes than we do.

  4. Is the Carnegie Building where the Ellis hotel is? They've been working on that for a while - but it looks great!

  5. fldawa, The Ellis Hotel is so "next door" it's almost surrounded by the Carnegie.

  6. Cool! I haven't seen the work yet... it is interesting how they made it blend in to the building :) I will have to go stay in the hotel once the transformation is complete. Thanks for the advice on my blog. I hope I fixed it... :)

  7. WTG Atl! Very impressed with those columns!

  8. I noticed the scaffolding on the hotel the other day, it looks very interesting from a distance. I didn't know about the columns; I think that is fantastic. It makes you think they will use the same care when doing the work.

  9. I referenced you in a post I wrote about the scaffolding coming down from the wonderful Ponce building at the corner of Peachtree and Ponce.


    Re: the Westin: I didn't think they had to replace ALL of the windows. I thought it was just some (the ones that broke during the tornado). Did they change their minds and decide to replace all of them? I noticed that they pushed back the re-open date for the Sundial so that would make sense.

  10. I think they had to replace all the windows because they don't make the same type of windows anymore...(so they wouldn't match).

  11. OMG! There are lots of windows on this building and all of them should have been replaced. How many hours or days did they take to finish replacing all the windows?

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