Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scottdale Gables

Scottdale Mills? Scottdale, Georgia? Agnes Scott College? Same family. When I'm in the area, I take a little drive around. It's only a few blocks. I am a gable guy and swoon at views like this. (There is a secret picture for garden bloggers Tara and Pam, will they notice?)


Scottdale is one of the Atlanta area's milltowns, preserved differently than those in Cabbagetown, The Old 4th Ward, and Home Park.


It's not in a "hip" area. These 2 are on a green, unlike any other in Atlanta, as far as I know. No hip shops or restaurants; no cool residents in sight (but they must surely be very cool). No tourists, no parking problems, no scene.


These 2 houses were built as duplexes. They didn't need these nice details. Notice the two chimneys, one for each apartment.

The modest chimney has looked great every day of it's life.

You see these hipped roof porches on period houses everywhere.

Faith Walk is the house with the fancy gable window.

I don't think the other house has a name but it's a beauty too. This is the secret picture for garden bloggers: Gravel and grass, know what I mean?

There are single family millhouses too, one in pink, or is it salmon?

You visit the Dekalb Farmers Market right? So drive a bit further out on Ponce. Find the antique stores in cute little houses, turn left and find the green. There you are.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. These are delightful!

  2. Terry, I didn't even know this existed! It is so quaint and beautiful. I go to the Dekalb farmers market all the time, so next time I will have to take a drive down and check this out... by the way, you might want to check out the comments on my post... looks like there are more for bbq!

  3. There is something very appealing about those houses. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    I really like the pierced brickwork on the front of the house with the landscaping. I never see that, but I like it a lot.

  4. Scottdale is one of those areas that does seem to be overlooked a lot. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It's got so many cool things to see if people would just take the time to notice and enjoy them. If you're going to the RAD studio Cruise you'll get a chance to experiance some of the architecture too.

  5. Lori, We're definitely doing the RAD cruise.

  6. A few of our relatives from my husband's side of the family live in Scottdale. It's a shame that the whole community hasn't been kept up. I think it's pretty dangerous in most of the areas there. Those houses are very cute though. I'll have to find that place next time we head that way to visit family. -Cristi

  7. Had no idea Scottdale was a milltown too. You learn something every day! :)

  8. Terry- Thanks for following my blog. I'm excited about exploring yours. I almost went into architecture but chose art instead. My daughter is an arch student currently. Come blog about Newnan sometime!

  9. Thanks sor sharing this, Terry! I love the quality and charm of these old houses...so many of our mill villages have become slums, it's especially nice to see ones in an urban area in good condition. Thanks also, for following Vanishing South Georgia; I get views every day from Architecture Tourist.

  10. Love this side of town but am not too familiar with Scottdale. Will have to check it out!!


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