Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bill Harrison homes in the neighborhood

Harrison Design Associates don't just do Buckhead mansions. There are quite a few custom and spec homes in northeast Atlanta.

This beauty in Virginia Highlands has pent roofs. It's like her gorgious petticoats are just showing.


This is a spec house in Lenox Park has 2 great chimneys.

It has 2 great chimneys

Another Lenox Park spec house is modest but elegant. It features a Harrison trademark, through the eve dormers.

The spec house next door is a bit more in your face.

Ths Lenox Park estate house has limestone surrounds. It's a custom design from the early 90's. In a neighborhood with homes by Philip Trammell Shutze, Neel Reid, and Buck Crook, it's worthy. Impressive and elegant, it doesn't shout.


This is another custom home in Lenox Park


Can you spot the teardown, or rather, the house that replaced the teardown?

Here is its. I was fortunate to visit an open house here. It's amazing inside.


  1. Fascinating post. As someone who mainly haunts Buckhead, I was not aware that Bill Harrison even did medium size spec houses. I am so used to seeing his 10,000 sf Buckhead creations.

    First let me state that I am a fan of Bill Harrison and his firm. But, I can't help but wonder what future generations will make of some of these houses built in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. There is so much going on in some of them - so many rooflines and pitches and angles. Perhaps in reaction to this, I prefer the quiet symmetry and simpler rooflines of a classic Georgian, or the lines of a simpler style French house.

  2. There are Harrison homes of every size and style done before estate houses became the norm. That's not counting renovations done in the 70's and 80's.

    I think the spec houses designed by HDA these days are an the less showy and more elegant style than most. Compare these 2 spec houses on Merton, the Harrison on the right look modest in comparison:
    Merton spec houses


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