Saturday, November 8, 2008

3 Modest moderns: Ansley Park, Morningside, Loring Heights

There are plenty of modern houses planted in Atlanta's intown neighborhoods. I'm not categorically for or against them. Most are eye-catching. Some for the wrong reasons. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them in Flickr.)

This is my favorite Morningside modern. It make sense to my eye, great proportions, wonderfully sited and landscaped. I enjoy it every time I go to the grocery store.


Here is the most modest modern home in Ansley Park. It's on a less traveled but typically spacious intersection. I've been following this house for decades. It's been struggling for an identity, sometimes awful, mostly never quite right for the lot. I think this is the best it's ever been.

I wish they could straighten out that telephone pole. It's been cock-eyed for 25 years.

Loring Heights? Well you might have passed through without noticing. Mostly likely you've never even passed through. This modern house has the crazy windows, it has angles and overhangs, nice landscaping, striking location (can't tell from the picture). I think I like it.

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