Sunday, February 18, 2018

Terry's #PhoenixFlies 2018 Curation: Awesome Churches

When folks ask me what to see during Atlanta Preservation Center's #PhoenixFlies 2018 I say the churches. There are 16 church tours this year.

I want see Northside Baptist and St. Anne's Episcopal this year and more I hope

Here are links to the online Phoenix Flies 2018 Program to the Phoenix Flies 2018 Event Cards and to the Phoenix Flies 2018 Daily Calendar Cards.

It's big. Francis Palmer Smith's magnum opus. Stained glass by the acres. Another Francis Palmer Smith. Two words: Hammer beams. You'll get a church tour, a stained glass tour, and some honking big organ. Sometime you go in the pipe rooms. Not just a church tour but the current "First Existentialist Church ," aka the "Old Stone Church" goes deep.

There's not a prouder structure on Peachtree, every brick and mortor-line has a purpose. Inside: An ethereal space with a dome. Combine this tour with Tour 40 for a same day two-fer. Glorious stained glass with handful of Tiffany windows. Combine this tour with Tour 39 for a same day two-fer. Glenn's main sanctuary is workaday and doubles and Emory's auditorium. The Steeple, and the dignified exterior reward every drive by. But Shutze's "Little Chapel" is a cathedral in 900 square feet. Shutze based the design on St Stephen Walbrook by Sir Christopher Wren: how to "dome a square."

I've never visited this one but I plan to. The octagon landmark where the Northside Drive splits with Northside Parkway. Stained glass #notliketheothers

One of the Charles H. Hopson churches and a Peachtree landmark. Spectacular inside. Must see ceiling. Buckhead, kind of hidden, looking forward to my first visit. Spectacular and you'll hear the great organ. Combine this tour with Tour 90 for a same day two-fer.

Midtown landmark at 5th and Peachtree. Must see inside. In Granite on Grant Street in Grant Park. Have you seen it, seen inside? Stunning sanctuary. #notliketheothers One of the three "Jesus Junction" Chruches, a tall steepled landmark in white. Yes, the congregation used to meet on Ponce de Leon.

Shutze landmark with big-time heritage and history. The 1958 bombing is remembered in "Driving Miss Daisy," On the St. Luke's property it pokes out into Courtland Steet. Combine this tour with Tour 80 for a same day two-fer.


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