Sunday, January 22, 2017

"People Are People's Greatest Joy" - Terry's Tiny Book Review

This slide "got" me, led me to a 1980 book and to a mesmerizing video about human nature.

It just so happens that my two favorite presentations in the last decate were about "placemaking" the first by Fred Kent from Project for Public Spaces the second by Mathew Lister from Gehl Architects (above).

Turns out both were inspired by this book: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces - William H. Whyte. Remember William Whyte? If you are my age you probably read his "The Organization Man."

"What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people. If I belabor the point, it is because many urban spaces are ... designed as if the opposite were true..."  William H. Whyte.

Fortunately there's a video produced for Public Broadcasting.

You will enjoy watching.

Thanks to Atlanta City Studio, to Tim, Jody, Ryan, Kevin, Vanessa, Heather, CNU Atlanta and ...


  1. Can't decide if I'm more intrigued with the discussion of urban spaces or the views of street life c. 1979. Thanks, Terry!

  2. Terry i admire your work. I was looking for quality blogs about social life and i found yours.Thanks for the video

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