Thursday, September 29, 2016

My New Grant Park Block is 400' by 400' with an Alley so...

We moved to Grant Park. My brain is totally upside down so I'm blogging my block. Here it is.

Bigger than ideal but small for Atlanta. Block size and grided street systems are a big deal.

"A good maximum block size is about 260’ x 370’ and a minimum size might be like Savannah, about 200’ x 300’." - from Richard Dagenhart's "Ten Lessons for Designing Cities:"

Richard Dagenhart will explain this to you himself in his Good Urbanisn presentation thanks to the Georgia Conservancy and the Atlanta City Studio.

Here's the commercial strip.

We'll continue the tour another day.

Thanks to Grant Park folks for the welcome. Thanks to Morningside folks for 39 great years.

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  1. Congrats Terry. I'm 14 months moved, ca. 1900 American farmhouse, 4.5 acres, long rectangle, open, wooded, pond, house at front road on property line, 100 year old pecan trees lining the street. Total package of historic house & siting.

    Nothing about life is 'normal', coming to terms with zero going back to normal. Much has become easier than first moving in, but living/life/working/social all a new cadence. Zero regrets.

    Looking forward to your 'new' life, ideas, expressions, etc.



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