Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm Following Four Builds in Ansley Park: Block, Choate, McAlpine Busch

It matters more in Ansley Park than north of West Wesley. I mean harmony and scale, fitting and fitting in. In landscaping terms big Buckhead homes are like "specimen trees" while Ansley homes are like "mass plantings." Specimen houses are solo acts. Mass plantings improve with teamwork.

Building  a 15,000 square foot estate house on acreage where the front door is 100 yards from the street - say on Valley Road - is not like building on Polo.

I'm sure our architects relish the challenge.

Hulse House is Gone.
Hulse Residence by Anthony Ames in early demolition. It was controversial, hated and loved.

It's replacement looks looks like a sprawling nest of low-rise gables. By James Choate Choate Houses Modern / Choate Houses Traditional.

 Boxwood Is Gone.

It was on a hill, we could barely see it. How valuable is 0.997 hilltop acres a couple of blocks from the High Museum and Symphony Hall?

From invisible to this landmark composition by Peter Block left and Greg Busch on the right. These need each other I think.

Some Little Houses on Polo are Gone.
They were so cute. There are a few left but they don't have long term prospects.

Bobby McAlpine designed these two to replace them. It's a rare thrill when architects design small'ish and side-by-side..

Thanks. What are you following?

20160501_103703 2016-05-01 96 Westminster teardown Ansley the Hulse House


  1. Where is this house? Another one bites the dust in Atlanta!

  2. 27 W. ANDREWS DR. NW    30305


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