Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Fun Gables - A Victorian and Three Modest Contemporary Eyecatchers

I'm a kicky-color-gable-guy and there's no beating Victorians for that. But I'm very easy to please.

A yummy oldie in Inman Park.

But there are three newer houses whose show-off colors always catch my eye. All these are SOB (South of Buckhead). Can you do this in Buckhead? I hope so.

Are all three by the same designer? I think maybe yes. Anyone? Anyone?

20160126_130842 2016-01-16 Colorful Gable Hosea Williams
On my route from Oakhurst to Reynoldstown.

20160126_130842 2016-01-16 Colorful Gable Hosea Williams
On Hosea Williams in Edgewood. This will hide during leafy season.

20160126_131225 2016-01-16 Colorful Gable 477 Florida north Ormewood Park
On Florida in North Ormewood Park.

(Mental note: How may "state" and "city" streets does Atlanta have?)

20160126_134232 2016-01-16 Colorful Gable Rock Springs
On Rock Springs in Piedmont Heights.

I'm following this one Ponce de Leon Place in Virginia-Highland by Artist / Designer William Rossoto. I'm waiting for the colors to come home. The gables are pretty kicky already with that triple tall-in-the-middle window.

Got any favorites?

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