Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tiny Tour of Two Doomed to Demolition 1858 and 1950 - Still Here as of Tuesday

This is no fun. I take little detours to visit these, the maps are at the bottom of this post. They are still with us as of October 6, 2015.
Will they still be there tomorrow?  I'm paying them a little respect before they are gone.

I let folks know on Facebook and Instagram. Here are links to my pictures and videos for the record.

1385 Middlesex Avenue 30306 in Morningside. Built 1858. Moved from Woodville, Georgia to Atlanta in 1985.

The "difference" makes it a Morningside landmark that few outsiders have seen.

Maybe it still has a chance, maybe just some of the parts.

Demolition Watch One of Atlanta's Oldest Buildings Will Soon be No More by Michael Khan Curbed Atlanta 

One of Atlanta’s Oldest Homes Set for Demolition by Crystal Sturgeon Atlanta Agent Magazine

True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson Street, Atlanta in the Edgewood neighborhood. 1950 per Dekalb County property tax records.

It's one of 4 churches within a few blocks. This one is right on the street, pointed sideways, clinging to a hillside. Quite a sight in the winter from the valley to the east, a tributary Sugar Creek. I'm not sure if it will still be here when the leaves fall.

20150908_162012 2015-09-08 1385 MIDDLESEX AVE teardown Morningside before

Pictures 1385 Middlesex

Videos 1385 Middlesex

20151006_142540 2015-10-06  2015-06-22 True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson St NE Atlanta, GA  steepleatl steeple Edgewood teardown

Pictures: True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson St NE Atlanta
Videos: True Deliverance Church 1433 Watson St NE Atlanta


  1. everything is wood in that second home, no sheet rock, amazing, what a waste, all that wood could be put to good use if it has to be torn down


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